Let me introduce you the beginning of my interest for the photography, something that touched me since I was a child and that I could spend hours sifting through it:

foto llibre boda

My parents’ wedding album dated 1963!

By doing this I had the chance to learn about members of my family that I hadn’t had the pleasure to meet, as my grandfather, and above all I could be witness to the most important day of my parents’ life, when something, that is still lasting, has begun.

As well as their love and the family they built, this album is the only material evidence of that celebration. Each time I open it I can perfectly revive their memories, their smiles, their emotions and I feel moved by these. It seems to me that I can still feel like this 52 years after that 15th of August 1963, and all this is possible just thanks to the photography.

I’m moved by the idea that in five decades time people who are not born yet,  will be feeling the same as I do in terms of my parents’ wedding album when they will be looking at the pictures I’m taking of my clients today.

With time passing by we will have clear memories just of those moments captured in pictures. And we all deserve those pictures to be as faithful as possible to what we lived.

llibre obert To me the authenticity of my pictures is very important, that’s why I lay stress on the fact that you can truly be yourself. It’s you who has to bring the personality and I will take care of the technique and photographic style. That’s the best way to recognize yourself in those pics and to like them.

If we can manage to found our relationship on mutual confidence and sincerity, it will be easier to take the best out of you to achieve a result that will please you completely. That’s why it would be better to “see eachother” and have a conversation via Skype before the photo shooting. After that, I will go all over the miles between us, no matter where you live.

In my wedding reportages and photo shootings I am trying to reach a balance between the photojournalism and the artistic photography. On the last one I have been working over the last 20 years throughout my personal work for exhibitions, museums and international festivals.

By the way, the most essential part after you is THE LIGHT. It’s my work instrument, my obsession and, above all, it is what will make you shine. I have no doubt about it that it will touch you when you’ll see the final result.

David del ValDavid del Val (Lleida, 1976) awarded in 2005 by the Professional Photographers Trade of Spain with the award Lux de Oro for social reportage. His collections, such as “Sí, Clero” (finalist at the “Premios Lux 2008” and “Emergent ’08), were displayed to public in several cities (Bristol, Madrid, Barcelona, Lleida, Seville, Tarragona, etc.). In 2009 he exhibited at the “Hartmann” gallery in Barcelona the photographic series “Cry, Crisis”. A selection of his works was also displayed at the “Fundación Foto Colectania”(Barcelona) and the “Tagomago” gallery bought part of his work after the exposition at the “Valid Foto” gallery in Barcelona. In 2010 he presented his work “Autotomía humana” at “la Sala Gòtica de l’Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs”, and his portraits collection “Pantumaca” is still an exhibit at the “Museo del Traje” (Madrid).

In February 2011 he exhibited “Espacios Comunes” at the “Galería enArt&Co” and at the festival “Fotonoviembre” in Sta. Cruz de Tenerife. In 2014 he exhibited at “Valid Foto” a part of his work “Waiting Room” which represents today his ongoing project.

As advertisement, he realized campaigns for brands as General Óptica, Natural Optics, Talika, Alfaparf Milano, TV channels Antena3 and Tele5, producers as El Terrat, record companies, and he worked for four years with the magazine CUINA. David del Val is also the author of the cover page of “Digo yo”, a book by Andreu Buenafuente.

Over the last four years he has been awarded with several international prizes for wedding reportages: 7 Fearless Awards, 17  WedFotoSpain awards, 2º Prize at the 3ª Internacional convention of “Foro de fotógrafos”. .

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